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Questions about CabinDirect

How did you choose your sites?

When CabinDirect started, featured sites were chosen individually and asked to provide information on one of their cabins.

Other sites have applied to be members of the site once they discovered CabinDirect.

I operate a cabin and would like to be featured on your site...

Thank you for your interest.

We accept applications for listing on our site from genuine cabin owners or managers only (in other words, not from marketing organizations or companies).

The listings are for one cabin only - this gives site visitors the chance to compare cabin prices and facilities. We review all applications and all websites before making a decision to list a cabin (or not).

Owners or managers of more than one cabin are able to feature more than one cabin if they wish, but should contact for details of quantity pricing.

Please note that applications which apply to multiple cabins on our application form without the above email contact will be ignored.

If you would like to apply to list your cabin, please contact us via our cabin listing page.

I'm interested in a listing but you don't feature my area?

When we started the CabinDirect directory, we naturally researched the most frequently-requested areas for cabin rentals in the USA. However, we are always open to exanding our scope and, if you would like to be featured, please use our registration form.

Some of the information that you have is out-of-date/incorrect

Please let us know if any of your information changes and we will endeavour to correct it as soon as possible. Changes of photos incur a $10 handling fee per photo.

I would no longer like to be featured on your site. How can I remove my listing?

We're sorry to see anyone leave our directory but simply let us know and we will remove your homepage and listings automatically.