Cabins in California

Yosemite Falls Ca
Yosemite Falls, California

California offers cabins with the option of lakes and mountains (or both together) and cabins close to the city and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

California Mountain Cabins

One extremely popular California cabin rental location is Yosemite National Park. Options are obviously more limited within the protected areas but there are cabins and vacation rentals in the smaller settlements around the National Park borders.

Another favourite California destination, which combines both mountains and a spectacular lake setting, is Lake Tahoe. Here visitors can rent a cabin to hike, bike and swim in the summer and then take advantage of the ski areas and backcountry options in the winter time.

Lake Tahoe Ca
Lake Tahoe, California

California Lake Cabins

Lakes closer to California's major metropolitan areas are also popular for cabin rentals. Two of the favourite destinations for Los Angeles residents are Big Bear Lake and the nearby Lake Arrowhead.

Big Beatr Lake Ca
Big Bear Lake in California